Ana Navarro detonates on Trump: 'He doesn't have the spine or the guts to call out white supremacists'
Ana Navarro goes off on Trump statement (Screen capture)

CNN's Ana Navarro went on an epic tear Saturday in the wake of the violence in Charlottesville, VA that killed one anti-racist protester and left dozens injured.

Navarro told anchor Ana Cabrera and conservative pundit that she is disgusted with President Donald Trump's coddling of white supremacist groups and his unwillingness to hold them accountable for the spike in hate violence that has gripped the country since November.

“This speech today was shameful,” she exclaimed. “Here is the bottom line. This was not many sides. This is one side. It is white supremacists trying to instill terror in America.”

When conservative pro-Trump pundit Ben Ferguson tried to interrupt her, Navarro doubled down.

"Ben, let me tell you something," she said. "He's more capable of calling out his own attorney general and Mitch McConnell but he doesn't have the spine or the guts to call out the white supremacists in America today and I am not going to defend that!"

Watch the video, embedded below: