Ana Navarro: Trump's teleprompter speeches won't matter if he 'throws a bone to racists' at Arizona rally
Ana Navarro talks about Donald Trump and the climate of fear he's created on CNN (Screen cap).

CNN's Ana Navarro on Tuesday poured cold water on the notion that President Donald Trump was becoming more "presidential" after his scripted speech on the war in Afghanistan Monday night.

The reason for this, Navarro said, is that Trump has in the past earned praise for delivering a relatively normal speech read from a teleprompter -- only to blow it up the next day with inflammatory statements.

Instead, she said the real test for Trump will be what he says on Tuesday night's planned campaign rally in Arizona.

 "What we have seen from Trump, time and again, is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," she explained. "We don't know which one is going to show up tonight."

Navarro went on to say that Trump had a "unique opportunity" to heal some of the wounds opened up by his response to the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville earlier this month -- but she was skeptical that he could successfully pull it off.

"He cannot expect people to believe a word that's coming out of his mouth when he's only saying it off a teleprompter, and yet when he's speaking from the heart, off the cuff, he screws it up royally and, what he does, is throw a bone to racists and bigots," she said. "That won't pass muster."

Watch the video below.