Anthony Scaramucci is on the hook for millions more in taxes after getting fired by Trump
White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci (Screenshot)

Anthony Scaramucci, the former Trump White House communications director who only lasted ten days on the job, is now on the hook for millions more in taxes.

CNN Money reports that Scaramucci will now have to pay capital gains tax for the sale of his stake in SkyBridge Capital, the company he founded in 2005. Scaramucci sold his stake in the company as a prerequisite for taking a job at the White House, and he would have been able to claim a deferment on capital gains taxes for sale had he remained a member of the Trump administration.

Since he was fired, however, he'll have to pay off those taxes as soon as the SkyBridge sale is completed. Scaramucci's stake in SkyBridge Capital is valued at over $50 million, which means that he will have to pay millions of dollars for it.

"Mr. Scaramucci is going to pay the capital gains taxes once the sale goes through," Scaramucci's attorney, Elliot Berke, told CNN. "There was never an attempt to game the system -- it was simply to adhere to what is allowable by law. His true and only purpose was to serve the country. And he will be back."