Arizona's Jeff Flake warns Trump: Fire Mueller and Congress could use him against you
Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ). Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), fresh off his scathing op-ed criticizing President Donald Trump, proposed an interesting theory on Thursday -- if the president fires special counsel Robert Mueller, Congress should hire him.

During an appearance on MSNBC, Flake told host Andrea Mitchell that in the case of Trump "removing" Mueller from his post, Congress could in turn "assert its prerogatives."

"That would mean hiring a special prosecutor, and that might even be Bob Mueller," Flake said.

Many have speculated that if Trump were to fire Mueller, it could be reminiscent of the "Saturday Night Massacre" in which President Richard Nixon fired his special prosecutor, prompting his attorney general and assistant attorney general to quit. That event is considered to be the historical "beginning of the end" for Nixon's presidency.

Watch Flake float his theory about Mueller's potential new job below.