'Bannon's position is still the same - bent over sucking his own c*ck': Maher mocks Trump White House firings
Bill Maher (Photo: Twitter)

Comedian Bill Maher was back on "Real Time" Friday night after a month on vacation. He noted that so much happened in just a month and that just as he was coming back President Donald Trump was heading out for his 17-day vacation.

Maher noted that there's been a lot of turnover since he was gone, referencing Reince Priebus, Anthony Scaramucci, Sean Spicer. However, he commented that there were several other demotions that haven't been publicized.

"Eric [Trump] has been demoted to Tiffany [Trump]," Maher mocked. "Jared [Kushner] is now married to Kellyanne [Conway]. And to no one's surprise, Ivanka is replacing Melania."

Other staffing updates include, "Jeff Sessions is still hiding under his desk. And Rex Tillerson will be reporting directly to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin."

Maher also commented on the fact that he didn't even get a crack at Scaramucci, who was out quickly. However, he was grateful for Gen. John Kelly, who has taken over for Priebus, for Chief of Staff.

"Steve Bannon's position is still the same," Maher continued. "Bent over, sucking his own c*ck."

'Bannon is in the same position - bent over s... by sarahburris