Bill Maher nails Trump and Kim Jong-un for 'starting a nuclear war over who has the bigger micro-penis'
Bill Maher (Photo: Screen capture)

Between the "nasty statements and threatening rhetoric," Bill Maher said that things are spinning out of control. He didn't mean North Korea, however, he joked it was about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)

Maher noted that 72 years ago, the United States dropped two bombs on Japan that were named "Fat Man" and "Little Boy." It was ironic since Maher said this week a "fat man" and a "little boy" had a showdown over nuclear weapons.

The fight was over "who has the bigger micro-penis," Maher alleged.

The worst thing about the nuclear threat is that it seems like we're living under "President what does this button do." When it comes to Gen. James Kelly, Maher wondered when he was going to step in as the adult. "Nice f*cking job he's doing." He went on to say "knowing this administration the launch code is probably 'password.'"

"Make America Glow Again," Maher said is the new slogan. "Only Donald Trump could start World War III while on vacation. It's easy to forget that all this saber-rattling is happening from a golf club! It's 'Caddy Shack' meets 'Apocalypse Now!'"

Watch the opener below:

Bill Maher calls out "fat man and little boy... by sarahburris