‘Change the locks, now is your chance’ Colbert tells White House staff as Trump goes on 17-day vacation
Stephen Colbert (Photo: Screen capture)

    Stephen Colbert received boos from his audience after informing them that President Donald Trump is departing on a seventeen day vacation, on last night's "The Late Show" opening monologue.

    Colbert impersonated the President's voice to read one of Trump's tweets bashing former President Barack Obama for vacationing. Trump has taken more vacation days in 7 months than Obama did in 8 years.

    "I know, but let's focus on the bright side of that tweet," Colbert suggested.

    "Donald Trump has heard the word 'ethics' -- there's been no evidence up til now," Colbert ribbed.

    Colbert also informed his audience of the "major renovations" the White House will undergo while Trump vacations in New Jersey.

    "It's about damn time, I heard that place is a dump," Colbert said, in reference to Trump's slam of his official residence.

    Colbert explained plans to replace the heating and cooling systems in the White House.

    "That really needs it, because somehow the previous President was simultaneously hotter and cooler," Colbert joked to cheers from the audience.

    Colbert had one suggestion while their doing improvements.

    "Change the locks, do it, now's your chance!" the comedian suggested.