Charlottesville mayor: There's a 'direct line' between Trump and white supremacist violence
Charlottesville, VA Mayor Mike Signer, D, speaks to CBS (Screen capture)

Charlottesville, VA's Mayor Mike Signer (D) said there is a "direct line" between President Donald Trump and the lethal white supremacist violence that took place in his city on Saturday.

Politico said that Signer -- who tangled with anti-Semites and alt-right harassers earlier this year -- told CBS' "Face the Nation" on Sunday that the Trump administration helped create the environment that produced the terrorist attack on a group of anti-fascist demonstrators.

“I don’t want to make this too much about Donald Trump,” Signer said. “We have a lot of grieving, a lot of work to do as a city and as a country."

"But," he continued, "he should look in the mirror. I mean, he made a choice in his presidential campaign, the folks around with him, to go right to the gutter, to play on our worst prejudices.”

"I think you are seeing a direct line from what happened here this weekend to those choices,” Signer said.

Watch the video, embedded below: