The Portland Timbers soccer team honored the victims of Charlottesville with a moment of silence in their first game since the violence.

Fans of the club unveiled multiple banners, "rejecting comments made by President Donald Trump earlier this week," The Oregonian reports.

One banner read, "choose a side" while another read, "our side is against racism" as other fans proudly waved rainbow flags.

"After originally saying there was blame on both sides for the tragic events, Trump condemned members of the KKK, neo-Nazis and white supremacists in a prepared statement Monday," The Oregonian explained. "But Trump drew sharp criticism after he reverted to his original statement at a press conference Tuesday, once again saying there was blame on both sides."

"Now is the time," proclaimed another banner.

Two signs with images of keyboard keys combined to spell, "Control, Alt Right, Delete."

The Timbers beat the New York Red Bulls 2 - 0.

Below are selected Tweets from inside the stadium: