Christian reporter: Trump has Jewish grandchildren -- which means the KKK can't possibly love him
CBN's David Brody and Zerlina Maxwell on MSNBC - composite image.

The top political reporter for Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network invoked the President's grandchildren while defending the White House's botched response to the terrorism in Charlottesville, Virginia.

CBN chief political correspondent David Brody admitted Tuesday on MSNBC he didn't even understand why President Donald Trump was being criticized.

"I don’t even see quite the issue here, the truth of the matter is that this is something that he’s done from the very beginning ... look, should he have said something Saturday? Sure he should have and he didn’t," Brody said. "Now he says something Monday and the immediate media is going crazy with the fact he led with economic news instead of Charlottesville -- they want to pick this guy apart left and right."

Zerlina Maxwell disagreed, saying the issue was bigotry.

"Racism and Donald Trump’s long history of saying things that are racist -- out loud -- and normalizing racism to the point where, certain people who had been in the shadows, certainly white supremacy and white supremacists and white nationalists, that’s not a new phenomenon," Maxwell explained. "What’s new is they are emboldened by this president and are able to go out in public without any masking of their faces and proudly declare that they are supreme over other races of people."

Not long after, Brody invoked Trump's family.

"Jesus was not a white guy from Kansas, he was a Middle Eastern man," Brody noted. "The reason I say that is because Donald Trump has Jewish grandchildren."

"That has to be part of the narrative here too," Brody demanded. "Everyone wants to talk about he's this, he's that, he has Jewish grandchildren, his son-in-law is Jewish. That's not going the play well with the KKK and the neo-Nazis, but apparently that's not part of the discussion," Brody said.