CNN guest shreds 'lethally ignorant' Trump: 'Incapable of a kindergartner's comprehension' of race history
Eric Michael Dyson talks about Trump and Charlottesville on CNN (Screen cap).

During a CNN panel on Wednesday, Michael Eric Dyson took issue with President Donald Trump's frame of the entire debate around Charlottesville, in which the president defended people who wanted to keep statues of Confederate war heroes in public places.

"This man is lethally ignorant, incapable of having a kindergartner's comprehension of race," said Dyson. "For those who say it's about history and heritage, it is. The history and heritage of racism, of bigotry... remember, these people hated America enough to want the secede from it."

Elsewhere during the panel, Trump supporter Jason Miller said that it was "absolutely terrible" that Heyer was allegedly murdered by white supremacist James Alex Fields, Jr. This prompted CNN's Poppy Harlow to ask Miller why Trump hasn't reached out to Heyer's family yet.

"The president said in his remarks yesterday that he was going to, I can't speak as to why that is," he said.

"It's been five days since she was murdered," Harlow pointed out.

Miller proceeded to ignore this completely and simply pointed out that, "there is no place for the violence that we were seeing on television this weekend regardless of who was in there fighting."

Watch the video below.

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