CNN panelist: Women in Trump administration have 'done nothing' to blunt its anti-woman agenda
CNN panel on women in the White House (Screen capture)

On Saturday, a Democratic strategist and CNN political analyst said that it means "nothing" to be a woman working in the White House if you serve President Donald Trump and his administration's anti-woman agenda.

The panel was discussing a report that in Trump's White House, high-ranking male staffers have come and gone, but a cadre of women including spokeswomen Hope Hicks and Kellyanne Conway have had the "staying power" to hang on.

"It's very simple," said GOP strategist Alice Stewart. "It's because all of the women you just named, they work hard, they are loyal. They keep their head down. They get the job done."

Democratic strategist and CNN political analyst Maria Cardona disagreed.

"The fact that he has some women in his cabinet or around him as advisers does not change his misogynistic and sexist and offensive behavior towards women in the past by any means," Cardona said.

She went on, "I will say this. The impact of what this administration has done towards women, these women haven't really helped. So for example, President Trump has still tried to repeal Obamacare -- which would be very detrimental to women and families. He took away the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Act that President Obama had put into place that helped women with equal pay and with sex discrimination in the workplace. From the policy standpoint the fact they have staying power has done nothing to protect women and families in this country."

Watch the video, embedded below: