CNN’s Dana Bash: Trump spent his Texas time congratulating himself because ‘that’s what he cares about’

CNN analyst Dana Bash (image via Twitter).

In a Tuesday evening panel, CNN correspondent Dana Bash said President Donald Trump hasn’t yet lived up to his big talk on his Hurricane Harvey response.

“Trump is not warm and fuzzy and that’s not how he sold himself,” Bash said. “He did sell himself as a can-do guy. So, the idea that he is chomping at the bit to congratulate himself, I think that’s probably how he should be measured because that’s what he cares about.”

Bash continued by saying that the success of Trump’s Harvey response should be assessed by how well he provides for the people of Texas affected by the storm.

“At the end of the day, that really is what matters,” she concluded. “Can the federal government and the local government, the state government, come through for all these people who are in need?”

Watch Bash and her co-panelists analyze the success (or lack thereof) of Trump’s response to Harvey below, via CNN.

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