Dan Rather: Trump's Afghanistan plan means US will 'continue to spend and bleed' with 'no end in sight'
Dan Rather (Facebook)

President Donald Trump's speech on Afghanistan was well received by hawks within the Republican Party, but other pundits from across the political spectrum have questioned the wisdom of spending money and lives on a war that has lasted for 16 years and counting.

Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather outlined his skepticism of Trump's strategy in a new Facebook post in which he noted that advocates for escalation in Afghanistan had not mapped out any strategic objectives for what would constitute "victory" in a war that America has been trying to win over the span of three presidencies.

"Mr. Trump seemed most passionate when he talked about the power of American firepower. 'Our troops will fight to win,'" Rather wrote. "His 'new strategy' at the end of his speech sounded exactly what we have been doing for the past several years. The idea of shifting from time based approaches to conditions based, sounds good. But what are the conditions for success? And how do we achieve them? Those issues were left unanswered."

In a followup tweet storm posted hours later, Rather again argued that Trump hadn't defined what victory in Afghanistan would look like -- and he said that the results would be just as grim as they have been for the past 16 years.

"Bottom line conclusion on Pres. Trump's Afghanistan speech? We will continue to spend and bleed; no end in sight," he wrote.

Read the full Facebook post below.