'Do not look at the flash': Guam issues terrifying fact sheet on preparing for ‘imminent missile threat’
Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington state (cnn.com)

The Guam Joint Information Center—“the official local, military, and federal clearinghouse for accurate information on emergencies”—on Friday released an “in case of emergency” fact sheet detailing what residents of the Western Pacific U.S. territory should do to “[prepare] for an imminent missile threat.”

The fact sheet urges residents build an emergency supply kit that includes water, plastic sheeting and a three-day supply of non-perishable food, and craft a family emergency plan complete with “a list of potential concrete shelters near your home, workplace and school.” The fallout shelters should be “dense enough (i.e. concrete) to absorb radiation given off by fallout particles.”

In the event of an attack, the guidance tells residents to “stay where you are, even if you are separated from your family … Remember the three protective factors: Distance, Shielding and Time.”

The two-page pamphlet was originally created four years ago and “dusted off” in light of escalating rhetoric between the United States and North Korea, the Washington Post reports. Despite Trump’s pledge of “fire and fury” if the rogue nation continues to threaten the United States, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has ramped up rhetoric against the United States, promising to carry out a detailed plan to launch missiles into the waters near Guam.

In yet another early morning tweet, Trump on Friday promised the United States military is “locked and loaded, should North Korea act unwisely.”

The president undoubtedly hopes his Twitter warning to the nuclear nation is heeded by Jong-un, but in the event Trump has miscalculated the will of the North Korean regime, Guam officials want residents prepared.

“Do not look at the flash or fireball—It can blind you,” the fact sheet warns. “If you were outside during or after the blast, get clean as soon as possible, to remove radioactive material that may have settled on your body.” When possible, residents should take a shower with soap and water—but take caution not to scratch the skin or “use conditioner because it will bind radioactive material.”

The fact sheet also includes information on what parents should do if their children are at school or daycare. Parents are cautioned not to call the school or pick up their children.

“You and your children need to be off of the roads and in safe locations as soon as possible,” the sheet reads. “Your children are safer in school than they are on the road. The safest course for them will be to remain at school until the all-clear is given.”

“Schools often are used as emergency shelters for the community because they are so safe,” the sheet notes.

“Our office hasn't received too many concerned calls,” Guam Homeland Security spokeswoman Jenna Gaminde told the Post. “We've had a few here and there, [but] our lines blow up when there's a natural event. People are calm. We try to assure them there are defense capabilities in place, and people are putting their faith in them.”