'Don Jr. is a traitor already!': Maher unleashes epic rant over Democrats fearful Russia 'doesn't poll well'
Bill Maher (Photo: Twitter)

The liberal therapy session that was Friday's "Real Time with Bill Maher" continued to heat up after actor Jim Parsons joined the panel of Jon Meacham and Fareed Zakaria.

After a discussion about immigration, Maher brought up a recent conversation he had with Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom (D-CA), who told him that the Russia scandal doesn't "test well." Maher was furious and said that Republicans see that an issue doesn't poll very well among voters and they change the conversation so that it does. Democrats, by contrast, simply look for other issues that people like and cave.

"Russia doesn't test well? Make it test well!" Maher demanded. "Because it's not over. It's an ongoing story. I don't even know why we need Bob Mueller. Don Jr. took a meeting after he got an email from the Russians saying 'we got dirt, let's work together on this election.' I don't -- you know, the Democrats act like unless it would hold up in a court of law -- and Republicans are like 'f*ck that! This is the court of public opinion.' How about Don Jr. is a traitor already!"

Maher compared the meeting with Don Jr. to a kid-porn sting.

"He sent back an email that said, 'I love it!'" Maher said citing Don Jr.'s response to the idea the Russians had "dirt" on Hillary Clinton. "That's the crime already! If you sent me an email that said 'I have child porn' and I wrote back 'I love it. I'd love to see what you have.' That's already --" Maher stopped and grasped for Parsons' hand.

Zakaria brought up the defense, which was that they claimed the meeting didn't turn up anything.

"The defense, as it is so often in the Trump administration, is that it was totally incompetence," he said. "We couldn't even manage to collude."

He went on to quote Maher's analogy saying that it was like saying he didn't like the pornography, thus no crime was committed.

"I'll bet you a bottle of Jack Daniels that before it's all over Donald Trump says, 'It was the greatest meeting ever,'" Meacham joked. "Only we could have done this meeting."

"Isn't it amazing that the Democrats cannot keep a real scandal going?" Maher continued. "When we heard about Benghazi for four years?!"

Parsons noted that all the country has done for the past several administrations was have investigation after investigation and now suddenly everyone is saying that we need to stop that process when there is actually something to look into.

Meacham chalked it up to Democrats, who have a long memory about scandals throughout history. He pointed to Sen. Joe McCarthy's Communist scare. He brought up Trump's mentor and attorney, who was also a lawyer for McCarthy. Meacham him a "master at creating a headline" that created a "tabloid sensibility." He thinks that Democrats are fearful of this kind of story because it seems like a McCarthy undertaking. However, "Watergate turned out to be true," he continued.

"You're not crying wolf if there's a wolf," Maher cut in.

Watch the full rant and conversation below:

'Don Jr. is a traitor already!': Bill unleashes... by sarahburris