Ex Bush ethics czar: Trump needs to drop 'idiots on the far right and fake Christians’ to save presidency
Bush-era chief White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter (Photo: Screen capture)

Appearing on MSNBC Saturday Morning, former Bush era ethics attorney Richard Painter claimed the post-Bannon White House will never get on track unless President Donald Trump cleans house and stops trying to appease the “idiots on the far right.”

Speaking with AMJoy host Joy Reid, vocal Republican Trump critic Painter said purging Bannon was a start during an epic rant.

"Three things they need to do to save this presidency," Painter began. "First clean out all of the alt-rights, [Trump] needs to be the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the Republican Party, be the Terminator of the alt-right. He needs to have a personal conversion and renounce and repent for racism for the hatred he has espoused thus far. That conversion better be faster than the road to Damascus."

"Repudiate the so-called religious right, the fake Christians who have dominated the Republican Party," he continued. "If he makes it clear he repudiates them,  the Democrats will be checkmated because they are not going to want Mike Pence if Trump repudiates the phony Christians and the religious right -- embraces the true American values that traditionally have been in the Republican Party as well as the Democratic Party of inclusion and democracy."

"Right now, he's in serious trouble," Painter warned. "He should stop worrying about the idiots on the far right and what they're going to do to him in 2020. Make this a successful term and make sure that the extremists are thrown out of the Republican Party. that includes all those people in the White House."

"That includes Steve Bannon, Breitbart News, the racist platform they've been running, people like Ann Coulter who run around attacking people," he summed up. "We need those people out of the Republican Party so we can govern and pass legislation to help Americans get health care, protect the planet, and do what Republicans and Democrats traditionally wanted to do:  serve the American people."

Watch the video below via MSNBC: