Fox & Friends invites clueless Corey Lewandowski for advice on surviving hurricane and using it to save Trump
Corey Lewandowski speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

The hosts of the Fox News' morning show Fox & Friends on Sunday invited one of President Donald Trump's chief surrogates, Corey Lewandowski, to give an uninformed update on Hurricane Harvey.

During Sunday morning coverage of the natural disaster in Houston, host Abby Huntsman asked the political consultant to comment on the worst flooding "that maybe the city has every seen."

"We've got water still rising," Lewandowski advised without explaining his qualifications for providing emergency information. "We've got the rain still flowing. The number one thing is taking care of people's safety. And the most important thing that people can do is listen to their local, state and federal law enforcement officers who are providing them shelter."

"As you see those people who are desperately in need, please [help] them," he said. "There's been a good coordination so far."

Lewandowski went on to remind people to escape flooded area as quickly as possible.

"There is just too much chaos," the former Trump campaign manager advised. "The National Guard is going to be brought in to help bring some law and order back to this as the rain subsides."

Reflecting on President Trump's leadership, Lewandowski argued that Hurricane Harvey "is a Hurricane Katrina."

"This is Katrina at this point," co-host Clayton Morris observed. "This is one of the worst natural disasters this country has ever faced. This has the power to perhaps reshape a presidency in some way. It could alter the course of a presidency."

Lewandowski called for an emergency spending bill to make sure that Trump's economy recovers from the disaster as quickly as possible.

"It's something the president would want to support," he concluded.

Watch the video below.