Fox host claims Paul Manafort is the victim after FBI raid: 'Some might call it witness intimidation'
Jon Scott (Fox News/screen grab)

Fox News host Jon Scott and a panel of guests speculated that Special Counsel Robert Mueller raided the home of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort as a "witness intimidation" tactic.

"Paul Manafort said he had been cooperating," Scott noted on Wednesday. "Some might call it witness intimidation."

"There was no reason a special counsel could not have issued a grand jury subpoena," Hans Von Spakovsky of the conservative Heritage Foundation agreed. "There is no reason a search warrant and a raid was necessary, particularly given the cooperation of this particular witness with all these committees in Congress."

"I, frankly, have a bad suspicion that this is part of [Special Counsel Robert Mueller's] shock and awe to get back at critics of him and to show them that he may take advantage of the power he's got," he speculated. "They produced no evidence of any kind that he has not been cooperating with Congress and turning over the documents they've asked for."

Scott noted that President Trump has called the investigation "a fishing expedition."

"Sending FBI agents to the home of his former campaign manager in the pre-dawn hours," Scott suggested, "there has been no solid proof yet of any Russia collusion."

In fact, Trump's son Donald Trump Jr. has admitted meeting with Russians during the 2016 campaign in an effort to obtain damaging information about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Watch the video below.