'God will wipe them out': White supremacist preacher promises 'bloodshed' at future rallies
Portland-based far-right preacher Allen Puckett yelling at a counter-protester (image via Puckett's Facebook).

Although Patriot Prayer's rally in San Francisco was cancelled last weekend, a Portland, Oregon preacher aligned with the far-right group says there's more -- and worse -- to come.

According to the Willamette Week, pro-Trump street preacher Allen Puckett is threatening violence at future rallies.

"Any movement forward in the future will inevitably have bloodshed," Puckett wrote in a Facebook post on Monday. "Those not willing need to stop organizing and attending rallies."

In a video, Puckett also said that "God's going to wipe them out one day anyway," referring to anti-racist and anti-fascist counter-protesters who have marched against white supremacist groups in recent months. He also professed a belief that those who organize such rallies shouldn't cancel them for fear of violent retaliation, but should be "patriots" willing to "fight" in the streets for their white supremacist beliefs.

"Peace has never been an option," Puckett reportedly wrote in a comment on his Facebook post. "Too many niave [sic] people who need to wake up to the reality that the violent understand nothing but victory or defeat through violence."

Patriot Prayer has planned a "Freedom March" for September 10 in Portland, and the Willamette Week noted that at least three groups intend to counter-protest.

Earlier this year, Puckett was filmed brawling with anti-fascist protesters in Berkeley while wearing a "JESUS WILL JUDGE YOU" sweatshirt.