GOP ex-lawmaker who threatened to throw reporter off balcony plans post-prison return to Congress
Former Rep. Michael Grimm, R-NY (Facebook)

Former New York Rep. Michael Grimm (R) is mulling a return to Congress now that he has been released from prison, according to

Grimm -- who famously threatened to throw a reporter off a balcony in the Capitol for asking him probing interview questions -- served seven months in federal prison on tax evasion charges, but was released in May of 2016 and sources say he is readying himself to run again for his old seat representing the Staten Island.

In 2014, Grimm was caught on camera angrily threatening journalist Michael Sotto in 2014, telling the reporter he would "break [him] in half" and throw his body "off this f*cking balcony" to the marble floor of the Capitol rotunda below.

Grimm was arrested and charged in 2014 for failure to pay federal taxes on a restaurant he co-owned in New York City's Upper East Side.

He plead guilty and was sentenced to seven months. His former seat is currently held by incumbent Democrat Rep. Dan Donovan.