'Grateful that I'm alive': Brooklyn man describes horrific hate crime that left his jaw broken
A Brooklyn man who was allegedly beat in a hate crime talks with CBS 2 New York (Screen cap).

A 27-year-old social services worker who was hospitalized after being beaten during a suspected hate crime has come out to talk with CBS 2 New York about the attack from earlier this week that left his jaw broken.

The man, who did not wish to be identified, said he and a friend were caught up in a fight that had spilled out from a nearby restaurant onto the street that featured one group of people yelling homophobic slurs at another group.

The man's friend went to intervene in the fight, and he quickly followed behind. That's when his alleged assailant ran up and punched him in the jaw, leaving it fractured.

"I’m actually very grateful that I am alive right now," said the man. "Other people were screaming homophobic epithets and slurs and also death threats, like, you know, ‘Do you want to die tonight?’ and things like that."

Police have found video footage showing the assailant punching the man in the jaw, but they have yet to identify or locate him.

Watch the video of the man describing the attack below.