Hannity flips out at Trump's national security adviser for blowing up his Susan Rice conspiracy theory
Sean Hannity (Screen Capture)

For months, Trump administration allies in the right-wing media have alleged that the real conspiracy in the Trump-Russia probe is that former Obama administration National Security Adviser Susan Rice "unmasked" former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's identity after his interactions with Russian government officials.

However, a new report from Bloomberg's Eli Lake revealed that current Trump National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster didn't believe Rice did anything wrong when she made unmasking requests for Trump campaign officials who were in contact with foreign agents.

Additionally, conservative journalist Sara Carter on Tuesday posted a copy of a letter that McMaster sent Rice informing her that she could keep her top-secret security clearance.

This news was enough to send Sean Hannity -- one of the biggest peddlers of the Susan Rice "unmasking" conspiracy theory -- into a rage.

"What is this?" Hannity wrote in reaction to the news. "Does H.R. McMaster need to go? Susan Rice? Omg."

Some of Hannity's Twitter followers, however, were quick to heap scorn upon him, as they mocked him for embracing a conspiracy theory that was debunked by Trump's own national security adviser.