'He can look forward to a stay at Rikers Island': The View heckle Trump over his 17-day vacation
Sunny Hostin, a co-host of The View (Screenshot/ABC)

The View hosts on Friday mocked Donald Trump’s planned 17-day long vacation to New Jersey, with co-host Joy Behar joking the president “can look forward to an extended stay at [the New York jail] Rikers Island.”

“He’s had a month and a half of vacation in six months,” Behar noted at the top of the segment.

Co-host Sara Haines acknowledged Trump “didn’t expect what he got in this job,” but pointed to his relentless criticism of Barack Obama for golfing during his presidency. “When you compare the numbers, it’s like, I’d at least like some recognition of, ‘okay I didn’t know it’s more fun to golf than be the president,’” Haines joked.

“He also said in 2004 you shouldn’t take a vacation, because if you need to take a vacation you’re in the wrong job,” Sunny Hostin reminded the panel.

“Well, He can look forward to an extended stay at Rikers Island,” Behar replied. “He’ll have his sons with him it will be like a family reunion.”

Referring to an upcoming cover of Newsweek that features Trump in a La-Z-Boy, Behar told her co-hosts, “notice how he never gives press conference anymore? It’s because he doesn’t know anything.”

“He doesn’t know how to answer the questions, we haven’t seen him in front of the press in weeks and weeks,” she added.

Paula Faris and Jedediah Bila protested Behar’s characterization of Trump.

“We don’t have to respect the man, but we have to respect the office,” Faris argued.

“He set the tone,” Behar replied. “No matter what we do, we’ll never go as low as he did.”

“This is why he won,” Bila insisted, pointing to two flattering Newsweek covers of Obama. “When people look at this out in the country and they say, ‘there’s media bias, all the media is doing—“

“That man led with dignity!” Houston shot back, referring to Obama. “When you lead with dignity, and you lead with elegance and you lead with smarts, then you get that.”

“Then it’s the job of the media to decide who they believe is leading with dignity?” Bila asked.

“No it’s the job of the media to reflect accurately what’s going on,” Hostin replied.

Watch the video below, via ABC: