'He exploded before our eyes': CNN's Acosta brutally mocks Trump aide after epic briefing room showdown
CNN's Jim Acosta calls out the White House for ducking questions about its ties with Russia (Screen cap).

CNN’s Jim Acosta on Wednesday mocked top Donald Trump adviser Stephen Miller after their testy exchange during the White House press briefing, suggesting the incident was an example of Miller “[exploding] before our eyes.”

“I could go for a cosmopolitan right now,” Acosta joked, referring to Miller’s accusation that Acosta’s line of questioning was elitist and indicative of his cosmopolitan worldview. “It is not often you are accused of a cosmopolitan bias from someone who went to Duke University wearing cuff links in the White House.”

“When they are attacking the news media, my experience is they are losing the argument,” Acosta continued. “What you saw today in the briefing room is the top policy advisor to the president berating reporters.”

“My colleague over at the New York Times was asking some very pointed questions of Stephen Miller, and Stephen Miller was throwing out these comments about maybe the New York Times should only hire certain kinds of workers,” Acosta said. “Never mind the fact that the Trump Organization’s hotels and properties around the world from time to time have hired people that would not be described as ‘highly skilled English-speaking people’ who would be given advantages in this new merit based system that the Trump administration is proposing.”

“One other point, the American experience has always been—and the Statue of Liberty is an example of that—that we have always welcomed all kinds of people, from all walks of life into this country,” Acosta continued. “All people coming into this country have merit. They shouldn't be subjected to a point system.”

“That has always been great about America in my view, and I was just trying to test Stephen Miller on a couple of those points,” he added. "I think what you saw unfold is that he really just couldn't take that kind of heat and exploded before our eyes.”

Watch the video below, via CNN: