Following President Donald Trump's "batshit" press conference claiming "both sides" are to blame for the white supremacist violence in Charlottesville over the weekend, The Late Show's Stephen Colbert praised the president's instincts -- sort of.

"Even though many criticized how long it took, the president knew the right thing was to make a statement on Monday, be clear about who was to blame and then move on to the people's business," Colbert began in his opening monologue. "I'm just kidding."

During his presser in Trump Tower, or, as Colbert called it, the "seventh circle of hell," the president claimed he waited two days to respond to the neo-Nazi domestic terrorist attack that killed one person and injured dozens of others because he likes to "know all the facts" before making any statements.

"'I wait for the facts,'" Colbert said, breaking out his Trump impression. "'Just ask the millions of illegal voters who refuse to look for Obama's birth certificate during my record-breaking inauguration, OK?'"

Later in the monologue, Colbert addressed Trump's assertion that "there's blame on both sides," equating the leftist counterprotesters to the white supremacists that targeted them.

"Donald Trump wasn't fully sure whether the Nazis should get all the blame," Colbert said.

Watch the whole opening monologue below.