'He's delusional - he's paranoid': Former GOP Sen. who switched parties demands Congress invoke the 25th
Former Sen. Gordon Humphrey (Photo: Screen capture)

When former Sen. Gordon Humphrey (I-NH) left the Republican Party he said it was because he couldn't in good conscience be part of what President Donald Trump was doing to the United States, and indeed, the world.

During an appearance with CNN's Jake Tapper, Humphrey refused to bash Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for his policy decisions in Congress. Instead he called Trump's behavior "insane" and called on Congress and the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment, which would remove Trump for being incapacitated or unable to serve.

"I think honestly, it's time for members of Congress and the cabinet especially to come to conclusions about this mountain of empirical evidence that the president is laboring under mental impairment," he said. "He is delusional, he's paranoid. He's not a well man. He's dangerous."

Tapper broke in to quote previous statements from Humphrey where he alleged "his sick mind and reckless conduct could consume the lives of millions." Tapper noted that Humphrey is not a doctor or a psychiatrist or a psychologist.

"Very few members of Congress are psychiatrists or physicians and even fewer members of the cabinet," Humphrey retorted. "Yet, the Constitution empowers them to find a president unfit to carry out the duties and powers by virtue of physical or mental impairment. So, setting up a standard that one must be a psychiatrist to come to some judgment about this mountain of empirical evidence that the president has a sick psyche is to set up a false standard. We as Americans are stewards of our children's or family's safety and future, and we must, in my view now come to some conclusions about the president's fitness."

He went on to cite examples such as what he called Trump's delusional thinking and saying things that aren't true.

Watch their full conversation below:

'He's delusional - he's paranoid': Former GOP... by sarahburris