Iran-Contra arms dealer Oliver North: Time to confront Kim Jong Un by putting 'tactical nukes' in South Korea
Oliver North appears on Fox Business (Screen Grab)

Appearing on Fox News' "America's Newsroom," former Iran-Contra gun-runner Oliver North proposed re-staging tactical nukes in South Korea in an effort to menace North Korea strongman Kim Jong Un.

North, who admitted selling weapons to Iran and funneling the money to the Contras in Nicaragua during the Reagan administration in defiance of the Boland Amendment, was invited onto Fox to give advice on how to handle the saber-rattling North Korean leader, reports Media Matters.

The disgraced ex-military officer was asked by Fox host Leland Vittiert if the U.S. should react militarily towards North Korea.

"Well, North Korea is where we're getting when it comes to proliferation of nuclear weapons. The war drums have started to beat," Vittert proposed. "North Korea has already gotten its nuclear bomb, now working on miniaturization. Is it worth keeping the military card on the table or is it better to pull it back a little bit and go, what you were talking about earlier, the tougher sanctions route?"

North suggested that the Chinese step up and put pressure on the North Korean leader, but added that the U.S needs to a little sabre-rattling of its own, while pointing out that the same Iran that he sold weapons to were "joined at the hip" in not caring about a nuclear aftermath.

"China can influence the outcome of this. It was different in World War II -- in the aftermath of World War II with the Soviets and the Chinese getting weapons, because they wanted to survive the experience," North lectured. "There's nothing that indicates that the Iranians and the North Koreans, who are joined at the hip in the nuclear weapons and ICBMs, actually want to survive the experience."

"Tell the Chinese quietly it's time for regime change and the pressure on them is you won't have tens of millions of refugees and you can stop this thing," North advised.

"Next thing that ought to happen is announce the U.S. Is making plans to return the tactical nukes that we pulled out of Korea -- put them back in," he continued. "Finally, bottom line is the pressure's got to be on Beijing. And they won't act until they hurt."

Watch the video below via Media Matters: