The chief ethics lawyer in the George W. Bush administration had sharp criticism for Kellyanne Conway's idea of bringing polygraphs into the White House.

"They are trying to cover things up and now they're talking about bringing lie detectors into the White House, at least Kellyanne Conway was talking about that," law Professor Richard Painter said on "AM Joy" with MSNBC host Joy Reid.

"I suggest they put one on the press podium, that would light up like a disco!" Prof. Painter suggested.

Earlier in the segment, Painter said, "I can't imagine that the President would be stupid enough to try to remove his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions -- who has many friends over in the U.S. Senate -- and then put someone else in there who would fire Bob Mueller, which would be an act of obstruction of justice and would make the acting attorney general be vulnerable to criminal charges," Painter charged. "That plan just isn't going to work, and the White House needs to stop talking about this."

"And this attempt to try to keep people from talking about non-classified information, this attack on so-called leakers of non-classified information is really getting out of control," Painter warned.

Yesterday, Painter said "a lie detector on Kellyanne would blow the fuse box."