‘It’s gonna catch up to them’: Ex-Obama staffer rips irresponsible Trump aides for extravagant travel
MSNBC host Chris Hayes (left) speaking with former Obama Labor Secretary Chris Lu (right). Image via screengrab.

In a Thursday night MSNBC panel discussion the D.C.'s new presidential access cottage industry, Obama's former Secretary of Labor Chris Lu said ethics violations extend far beyond selling face time with President Donald Trump.

"In the last couple of days, you've seen the [General Services Administration's] inspector general looking into the Trump hotel lease, the EPA inspector general looking into Scott Pruitt's travel, now we have the treasury IG who's looking into [Treasury Secretary Steve] Mnuchin's trip to go look at a solar eclipse," Lu told host Chris Hayes.

Both Pruitt and Mnuchin have been criticized for their extravagant trips on the government's dime. Pruitt reportedly spent "43 of the 92 days of March, April and May" in his home state of Oklahoma. In August, Mnuchin was criticized for going to Fort Knox to watch the solar eclipse from atop the treasury building.

The president himself has also been criticized for his many trips to his golf courses that have reportedly depleted the Secret Service's budget and patience.

"This is an administration that has not taken ethics seriously," Lu continued. "And it's gonna catch up to them at a certain point."

Watch Lu's statements below, via MSNBC.