CNN chief Washington correspondent Jake Tapper thoroughly proved the hypocrisy of President Donald Trump leaving on a seventeen day vacation.

"Two weeks and three days -- that's how long President Trump will be gone from Washington on his first official vacation since taking office," the host of "The Lead" reported. "That's twice as long as President Obama's first official vacation."

Donald Trump has taken more vacation days in seven months than Barack Obama did in eight years. "A month and a half of vacation in six months," is how Joy Behar described it on "The View." Behar also suggested Trump will have an extended family reunion with his sons at Rikers Island, referring to the New York City's main jail complex.

"So let's cue the game we play called 'is there a tweet for it' -- is there something in the @realDonaldTrump tweet archives in which he's slamming an opponent for the exact same thing he's doing now," Tapper said.

"There's not just one tweet, today we found sixteen of them," Tapper said, while displaying a composite image of sixteen different Trump tweets on vacation. All sixteen of the tweets mention Barack Obama by name.

Tapper didn't just document the hypocrisy through Trump's notorious Twitter feed, but also through the President's own promises to voters during the campaign.

"I promise you, I will not be taking very long vacations if I take them at all," Trump says in a video clip Tapper played.

CNN national correspondent Jason Carroll was dispatched to New Jersey ahead of the President's arrival.

"What we're also hearing...some of the President supporters who say, 'look, this is just another example the media and others being hypercritical of this president, but the numbers and history doesn't bear that out," Carroll explained.

"President Trump to-date has spent some 41 days away from the White House, whether it be at Bedminster or Mar-a-Lago," Carroll noted. "Compare that to President Obama, who spent 21 days in places like Chicago or Camp David."

Carroll described it as a case, "of the President's own words coming back to haunt him."

NBC News has been keeping a daily tally on Trump's visits to his properties and golf courses.

Trump has spent 58 days at Trump properties, accounting for 30% of his 196 days in office. Trump has even spent 22% of his days in office just at his golf courses.

There are three Trump golf courses where the President has spent more than a dozen days while in office: Trump National Potomac Falls, Trump National Bedminster and Trump International West Palm.

CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller reported that President Trump attempted to start his seventeen day vacation even earlier than planned. But President Trump failed by being a half an hour late to leave early.

Watch Jake Tapper on Trump's vacation hypocrisy:

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