John Kelly’s first task was promising AG Sessions job security despite Trump’s bullying campaign: report
Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Despite the constant bullying campaigning President Donald Trump has relentlessly waged against Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the new White House chief of staff assured the AG his job is safe.

The Associated Press reports that new White House chief of staff John Kelly placed a reassurance phone call to AG Sessions as one of his first acts.

Citing two anonymous sources, the AP reported Kelly called Sessions on Saturday and “described the President as still miffed at Sessions but did not plan to fire him or hope he would resign.”

There has been widespread speculation that Trump wants to remove Sessions as a mechanism to fire special counsel Robert Mueller and quash the investigations into possible Trump campaign collusion with Russia and obstruction of justice.

Both Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach have been mentioned as potential replacements for Sessions.

“The point is that the President is upset with Jeff Sessions for not taking over the Russia investigation and terminating the Russia investigation,” Bush ethics czar Richard Painter explained last week. “That’s what the president wants, at all costs, for the Russia investigation to end – his son and son-in-law are now all mixed up in it.”

Painter didn't mince words when describing the implications of replacing Sessions.

“That would obviously be a move to kill the Russia investigation,” Painter explained. “It would be regarded as criminal obstruction of justice if it then were used to try to terminate Bob Mueller.”