Kushner tied to UAE diplomat snared in scandal involving embezzlement and trafficked women: report
UAE ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba (image via Creative Commons).

According to an explosive investigation by The Intercept, the United Arab Emirates' ambassador the United States has spent more than a decade leading a hooker-filled double life between schmoozing with the likes of Jared Kushner and CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

Yousef Al Otaiba, an Emirati national and son of an OPEC oil baron who eventually became the UAE's ambassador to the US in 2008, was the subject of email leaks earlier this summer. In those emails, The Intercept reveals, Otaiba's hard-partying lifestyle appears to have "intersected' with his diplomatic career.

In one anecdote from the report, Otaiba rounds his friends up to celebrate his success in orchestrating Arab leaders to get behind then-President George W. Bush's push to get more troops in his Iraqi war. To commemorate his career-defining success, Otaiba rented penthouse suites at the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas during NBA All-Star weekend -- and launched what he referred to as operation "DUMBO DROP."

He asked his friend Byron Fogan, who was charged with embezzling over $1 million from a nonprofit run by Otaiba, for "legal help" on securing women to have sex with that weekend.

"'Is my diplomatic immunity valid in Vegas?' Otaiba asked in the emails. Fogan, who was then in law school, responded, 'As long as we get consent, I don’t think legal troubles will face us,'" the report reads. Fogan then drew up a faux-contract for the "youngsters" they intended to bed to sign:

"I, (insert name of dumb girl), agree to let (insert name of one of us filthbags) hit it," the "portable contract" read. "I (insert dumb broad’s name again–if her drunk ass can remember it), am at least 18 years old. Signed (little chicks signature)."

Roman Paschal, a former friend of Otaiba's who left the ambassador's wild crew after four too many years of partying, said that at times, the Emirati's penchant for hiring sex workers led him to meet women who were victims of sex trafficking.

After a woman Paschal met told him about a client who beat up a friend stole her passport (the latter a "telltale sign that someone has become a human trafficking victim"), Otaiba's former confidante tried to alert media and government officials in Washington to the situation -- to no avail.

“He was never present when women were sent,” Paschal told The Intercept. “You can’t say that [Otaiba] is a human trafficker – he’s not. But some of the girls I was sent over there were trafficked girls.”

Otaiba is said to be close to President Donald Trump's son-in-law Kushner, who reportedly speaks with the UAE ambassador once a week to probe him for questions about Middle East policy.

Read the entire scandal-filled report, complete with money-laundering and sex-trafficking, via The Intercept.