Lawyer plans to take down racists who framed an innocent 'anti-Trump' man as the Charlottesville terrorist
A car plowing through antifa protesters in Charlottesville, VA.

After a Michigan man was misidentified as the driver in Saturday's attack on "Unite the Right" counterprotesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, a lawyer representing the man says he's going to "go after" those he says framed his client.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Texas-based attorney Andrew Sommerman said he believes his client was deliberately singled out because of his client's anti-racist beliefs.

"There was a clear misidentification," Sommerman said of his client, whose father previously owned the Dodge Challenger used to mow down protesters, killing one and wounding dozens. "The motivation behind it, I don't quite understand yet."

As the Daily Beast pointed out on Sunday, right-wing sites like Gateway Pundit and GotNews called the Michigan man an “anti-Trump protester” and an “open-borders druggie” based on a now-deleted tweet by Twitter user @Aristotle_Code. Neither site has ran a retraction. (The Beast and the Freep both declined to report the man’s name because of the number of death threats he and his family have received.)

The Michigan's man father owned the car many years before it was purchased by Alex Fields, Jr., the suspect in the Charlottesville attack. Though it's unclear what, if any, anti-racist or anti-fascist beliefs the man might hold, his lawyer does not believe the misidentification was incidental.

"I don't think it's careless," Sommerman told the Freep. He said their "intent was to try to muddle" what happened in Charlottesville.