Longtime Trump backer sounds the alarm after Charlottesville: 'People are very concerned about this president'
Rick Santorum discusses President Donald Trump's fitness for office on CNN (Screen cap).

Questions continue to swirl about President Donald Trump's fitness for office -- and even one of his longtime backers started sounding the alarm on CNN Monday morning.

Appearing on New Day, former Republican Senator Rick Santorum said Trump's declaration last week that there were many "very fine people" marching at a white nationalist rally in Virginia was cause for concern.

"Well, obviously the firestorm from Charlottesville has been probably more intense than anything we've seen and that obviously raises serious questions," Santorum said. "The fact that he continues to sort of go through staff, there's a lot of instability there, I think people are -- people are very concerned about this president right now."

Santorum held out hope that Trump could turn the situation around. However, although he admitted that it would require Trump to exhibit more discipline than he's ever shown himself capable of exhibiting in the past.

"He's got a window of opportunity to try to right the ship here, obviously tonight he's going to try to do that with [a prime time speech on] Afghanistan," Santorum said. "He's got to... start showing that he can govern and can bring people together to get things done."

Watch the video below.

Rick Santorum finally admits Trump is a problem... by sarahburris