Man in wheelchair gets hit by a car -- then cops ticket him for being too slow crossing the street
Denver resident Kyle Wolfe, who was issued a ticket for being too slow crossing the street (Screen cap).

A man in a wheelchair was issued a ticket by a Denver police officer because he failed to cross the street in a timely manner -- despite the fact that he had just been struck by an SUV.

Local news station KDVR reports that Kyle Wolfe was struggling to cross the street in his wheelchair and was hit in the back by an SUV when he was about five feet away from the curb. The accident left Wolfe with scrapes on his back and a broken wheelchair.

All the same, a police officer on the scene issued him a ticket because he didn't finish crossing the street within the 20-second time frame pedestrians are legally allotted to cross that particular intersection.

"I was very shocked that a pedestrian that has the right of way got a ticket," Wolfe said.

Wolfe also noted that it took him longer than usual to cross the street because he was carrying something in his lap that he dropped midway through the crossing.

"When you are moving, everything is falling," he said. "I need to pick it up. People don't want to stop."

A police spokesperson told KDVR that Wolfe will have the right to challenge his ticket in court if he feels the citation was unjust.

Watch a local news report on the incident below.