Middle schooler caught painting swastika on black pastor’s car says ‘it wasn't supposed to be racist’
A hand holding a can of spray paint (image via Shutterstock).

After a Tennessee middle schooler got caught for painting a swastika and racial slur on a pastor's car, he's now seeking forgiveness for what he and his friends thought was a "funny" prank.

“It was just something stupid that we thought would be funny, but it didn’t turn out to be funny at all,” the boy told Fox 13 Memphis. "It wasn't supposed to be racist."

On Sunday, the day after the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia rocked the nation, Perfecting Love Community Church's pastor, Dr. Jason Mitchell, discovered the n-word and the Nazi symbol painted on his car.

By Tuesday, two juveniles were arrested and charged with vandalism and "civil rights intimidation" -- and soon after, one of the teens' parents reached out to Fox 13 to try to clear his son's name.

"My son is not a racist," the man, who asked to not be identified, told Fox 13. "Sometimes he makes bad decisions and this was the worst decision he has made in his life so far."

"I regret it so much. I want to say I am sorry to the pastor and to the other person," the boy said. "I didn't mean to put anybody through this. I never did, and I feel so bad. I have learned to never mess with anyone racially or do anything to that stupid extent, or do anything bad. I should just stick to school and be a good kid."