Nephew of Charlottesville white supremacist recalls uncle 'ranting about the Jews' wearing 'MAGA' hat
White supremacist Pete Tefft (Photo: Facebook)

The nephew of white supremacist Pete Tefft appeared on CNN's "New Day" Wednesday after Tefft's father denounced his son in a local op-ed due to the violence in Charllotesville, Virginia.

The nephew, Jacob Scott, revealed that his uncle was activated when Ron Paul first ran for president and began a "revolution" in 2008. Since running, Paul has been accused of sending racist newsletters with dog-whistles to white supremacists. Prior to that, the man had been a feminist, vegetarian, progressive, but after the Paul campaign he began talking on forums like 4Chan and the change began.

"He says that he doesn't believe that there's any objective way to measure one race against another but what he told me in private is that black people have inherently lower I.Q. than white people," Scott recalled. "So, f he says he doesn't believe white people are superior, he's lying."

Scott also noted that Tefft also held views from the Men's Rights Movement, which is known for opposing feminism and believe that men biologically have more power and thus should be entitled to that power. He explained that Tefft quickly devolved into a man that cursed Jewish people and advocated fascism.

"We knew he was like a men's rights activist, but around two years ago at a family gathering he started ranting about the Jews," Scott continued. "And he went outside with me and said 'do you identify as a white nationalist?' And he's like 'yeah, I'm a fascist.' Before I could say anything else, he said 'the good kind,' by which he means an efficient one."

Scott explained that he believes the country needs to come together to talk about the uptick in American terrorism like this.

"I feel that as a society we need to be talking about this phenomenon of like white -- young white asocial men who are going into these internet spaces and becoming radicalized, often without the family's knowledge," he said. "We see the explosion of these groups among these young white men and it's tearing families apart. It bears frankly a scary resemblance to the recruiting tactics of terrorists groups like ISIL."

As for President Donald Trump's statement, Scott noted that Tefft was an avid Trump supporter.

"I think his motivation is frankly, to try not to drive off the people who have given him their most ardent and support over the years," Scott said. "When my uncle Peter showed up to that family gathering ranting about the Jews, he showed up wearing a 'Make America Great Again' hat. There's definitely a connection there."

Now, however, Scott said that his uncle has agreed that Trump has been compromised by the so-called "deep state" and is no longer working for his people.

Watch the alarming interview below:

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