No charges for teachers who dragged autistic 7-year-old through school
Crawford County Prosecutor Matt Crall is not pressing charges against two teachers caught on surveillance video dragging a 7-ear-old autistic student through the school hallways.

Two elementary school teachers will not be criminally charged for dragging a 7-year-old autistic student through the school, the Associated Press reports.

"It wasn't the first time Bonnie McKean's son had faced disciplinary action from his kindergarten teachers. This time, though, McKean thinks Hannah Ruth and Heather Gregory went too far," the Telegraph-Forum reports. So does the superintendent of the Crestline Exempted Village School District, Noreen Mullens."

"To see my little boy carried and drug from one end of the school to the front of the office by someone that is supposed to help him learn and protect him while he is at school – this was inexcusable," McKean said. "These women are trained to handle situations like this – we have given them the tools to avoid situations like this."

The dragging of the child was captured on multiple surveillance cameras posted throughout the school.

"The school district supports our employees; however, we do not condone the type of behavior that is seen in the video," Superintendent Mullens said.

"As parents, we are supposed to trust the school and its employees are doing their job and that our kids are being taken care of while they are there," McKean said. "I may never trust that again."