NY condo president in ghastly rubber Trump mask caught harassing tenants with Nazi propaganda
Queens, NY condo manager Neil Milano in Trump mask (Screen capture)

A Queens, NY condo manager is accused of menacing tenants by plastering their doors and hallways with Nazi posters, Jim Crow-era segregationist materials and other right-wing propaganda while wearing a rubber mask of President Donald Trump.

According to New York's Pix 11 News, residents of a Sunnyside-area condominium complex are "walking into their home every day to be greeted by these 'Heil, Hitler' posters, Nazi propaganda, Mussolini and NRA gun posters" -- all posted by condo board president Neil Milano.

Milano is a fervent Trump supporter who has repeatedly targeted tenants -- many of whom are immigrants renting from absentee landlords -- of the 39th Street building with racist abuse and intimidation. Anyone who gets on his bad side, said a resident who asked only to be identified as Renee, gets the same treatment and that it has gotten worse over time.

“Every time he does something like this, he escalates his behavior,” she said.

The group of residents has enlisted Queens City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer in their effort to curb Milano's aggressive behavior.

“We are asking the NYPD to investigate this as a hate crime, and for the human rights commission to investigate what can be done here,” said Van Bramer.

One resident said that she is angry and afraid, concerned that Milano will escalate beyond threats to physical violence.

“We’re supposed to feel safe and secure where we live, and at the moment, we don’t because we all feel bullied by this individual,” she said.

On Wednesday morning,

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