Ohio man arrested with pipe-bomb hours before Charlottesville vigil
Police officer puts handcuffs on a suspect (Shutterstock)

An Akron man was taken into custody last week after police discovered he was armed with a pipe bomb and another explosive device just hours before hundreds were expected to attend a vigil for the victims of Charlottesville.

According to News5 Cleveland, Elijah B. Blankenship, 26  has been charged with the illegal manufacture and possession of explosives, unlawful possession of a dangerous ordnance, and carrying concealed weapons -- all felonies.

The police report states that Blankenship sitting in his car acting suspiciously, and was confronted by an officer, with the man admitting that he had a knife in his waistband.

Officers then found a bag with black powder, a pipe bomb and what appeared to be a homemade fireworks in the vehicle, and a bomb squad was called.

According to the police, Blankenship explained that the bag belonged to his friend and that the pipe bomb was a firework.

Police also note that Blankenship is a known meth user with criminal record, including convictions on drug charges with two cases still pending in Summit County Court.

Blankenship was arraigned Friday in Akron Municipal Court and is being held on a $10,000 bond.