'Pay your taxes': Bill Maher rails against political lobbyist Ralph Reed for Christians abusing tax-free status
Bill Maher vs. Ralph Reed (Photo: Twitter)

Bill Maher was dogged in his conversation with evangelical preacher Ralph Reed, who he joked was his "spiritual advisor."

Reed began by complaining about the IRS, which he said specifically targets churches and tries to attack them using their tax-exempt status.

"Then just pay your taxes," Maher said, and the audience applauded.

Maher moved on asking, "why is Trump's approval over 80 percent among Christians because he seems like the least Christian president."

Reed argued that in his interactions with Trump, he has not found that to be the case.

"Yes, because he kisses your ass, I agree," Maher said. "So, if he keeps his word to you but lies to everyone else you're ok with that?"

Reed immediately defended Trump as an honorable man.

"I don't throw the term anti-Christ around regularly, but when I think about anti-Christ and Trump I think, yeah," Maher said. He noted that Jesus called Satan the "father of lies," which he thinks is remarkably similar to Trump. He also pointed out that Jesus wasn't a big fan of egomaniacs and rich people.

Reed blamed "select moral outrage," which promptly got booed by the audience. "Donald Trump never claimed to be a perfect man.... but last November we had a binary choice." He then proceeded to call Hillary Clinton a liar and cite statistics that Americans didn't trust her or believe her.

Watch the full interview below:

ralph reed goes into the lions den with maher by sarahburris