Prankster fools top Breitbart staff into revealing their desire to smear Ivanka Trump with 'cuckolding' rumors
White House chief strategist and former executive Steve Bannon. Photo by Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

An email prankster who previously tricked multiple White House officials into thinking he was other members of the Donald Trump administration recently targeted the conservative news site Breitbart, engaging in conversations with top editors about doing Steve Bannon’s “dirty work” against his enemies, CNN reports.

A fake Bannon sent multiple emails with Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow, including one where he mulled over “bringing forth my wrath on Ivanka and Jared.”

"I'd be doing this great nation a service if I did,” fake-Bannon wrote.

In his reply Marlow promised Bannon he “spooked em today,” explaining his staff “did five stories on globalist takeover positioning you as only hope to stop it.” Marlow also suggested he could have Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner and daughter-in-law Ivanka Trump out of the White House by years end, and told the fake-Bannon the "best conspiracy on the whole internet is Jared is an actual cuckhold."

As CNN reports, the prankster continued to push Marlow even after the editor-in-chief asked what he thought was Bannon to “talk about it in person.” CNN describes the prankster’s subsequent emails as “increasingly absurd.”

The report comes as questions arise over the direction of Breitbart now that Bannon—the former chairman of the “alt-right platform”—is no longer in the West Wing. Bannon has indicated he plans to go to “war” against enemies of him and his nationalist agenda, and Breitbart has in the past proven an effective weapon for the former chief strategist.

In a statement to CNN, Breitbart dismissed the prankster’s emails.

"The obsession with Breitbart News is simply a result of our effectiveness. This time, an imposter deceitfully obtained and shared with CNN tongue-in-cheek emails that revealed that we feel Globalists present an existential threat to the agenda that got President Trump elected." Marlow told CNN. "If people want to know our thinking, they don't need to judge us on illicitly obtained comments that were intended to be private, they can simply read our front page."

Watch the report below, via CNN: