'Republicans don’t mind coming on Fox News': Shep Smith reveals no GOPer would defend Trump's presser
Fox News host Shepard Smith (Screenshot)

Fox News’ Shep Smith on Wednesday revealed he was unable to get any Republican to come on his show to defend Donald Trump after the president's shocking press conference on Tuesday.

“We, our booking team—and they’re good—reached out Republicans of all stripes across the country today,” Smith said. “Let’s be honest, Republicans don’t really mind coming on Fox News channel, we couldn’t get anyone to come and defend him here, because we thought in balance somebody should do that”

“We worked very hard it throughout the day, and we were unsuccessful,” he added.

Smith later spoke of the president’s press conference, throwing cold water on the notion that the counter-protestors bore equal responsibility for the violencec that broke out in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“There is no debate in the United States society, in the American society, about whether there’s a place for neo-Nazi’s,” Smith said.

Watch the video below: