It appears that D.C. hotels are taking a page out of Airbnb's book and refusing to rent to white nationalists.

According to BuzzFeed News, white nationalist figurehead Richard Spencer was forced to hold his post-rally press conference at his "office and part-time residence" in Alexandria, Virginia because no hotels in D.C. would rent rooms to him.

His initial plan was to host the conference at D.C.'s Sofitel Hotel a few blocks from the White House, but after the secret location was revealed, Sofitel cancelled the event. Another hotel, the Willard, also canceled once that location was leaked and people began tweeting at their parent company asking them why they were allowing a white supremacist to host a press conference at one of their properties.

Attendees then received an email claiming Spencer "secured a location in Old Town, Alexandria" that they would be escorted to -- a location that turned out to be his apartment.

"I absolutely don't want violence," Spencer said at his Monday press conference, contradicting his own comments made earlier in the day when he claimed he and his fellow right-wingers "could have killed [counterprotesters]" with their "bare hands." Spencer also blamed the escalation of violence at the protest on local police, although, BuzzFeed notes, he was seen pushing against police riot shields during the rally.

He also said on Monday that although he condemns violence, he thinks "there's a very good chance" suspect Alex Fields, Jr. is not guilty of murder. He based that judgement on a video he claimed to have seen of a counterprotester coming at Fields' car with a bat, causing him to become "very scared."