Scaramucci accidentally compares himself to Monica Lewinsky -- and here's how she responded
Anthony Scaramucci and Monica Lewinsky

Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci on Wednesday sent out a tweet in which he compared New Yorker reporter Ryan Lizza to Linda Tripp, the woman who blew up the Monica Lewinsky scandal in the '90s by secretly recording phone calls with the former Clinton White House intern.

Lewinsky herself reacted with disgust to Scaramucci's tweet simply by posting a "flushed face" emoji to indicate she felt embarrassed for Scaramucci for making such an inept comparison.

In reality, Scaramucci was the person who called Lizza late at night last month, and it was Scaramucci who didn't bother telling Lizza that their conversation should be kept off the record.

Linda Tripp, meanwhile, recorded her conversations with Lewinsky while pretending to be a sympathetic confidante to her while secretly using her to build evidence for impeachment against former President Bill Clinton.