See the art school thesis film melting hearts all across the Internet with its pro-LGBTQ message
Still from Beth David and Esteban Bravo's "In A Heartbeat" short film (image via screengrab).

When two Ringling College of Art and Design students set out to make an animated short film about a schoolboy with a crush on a (male) classmate, they couldn't have expected the incredibly positive response they got.

As reported by MTV News, the short film In A Heartbeat, created by Ringling graduates Beth David and Esteban Bravo as their senior thesis, has already racked up nearly three million views on YouTube and number six on the site's trending charts.

After a year and a half of creation and animation, David and Bravo launched an insanely successful Kickstarter campaign that raised more than quadruple their initial ask. They used the funds to hire Arturo Cardelús, a composer whose score makes Heartbeat all the more special.

Despite having only been live for a day, the film has already garnered a huge online fan response, with social media users creating fan-art, cosplaying as main characters Sherwin and Jonathan and calling for a follow-up.

"There's fan art, and people are cosplaying it," David told MTV News. "They're sending us GIFs and edits. That's crazy! We're blown away, and it's so exciting."

Watch the heart-warming short film and check out fan responses below.