'Seriously?': Fox's Shep Smith awestruck by protesters' giant chicken on White House lawn
Shep Smith and flying chicken (Composite / Rawstory)

During the Wednesday afternoon edition of "Shep Smith Reporting," Fox News anchor Shepard Smith ended a segment broadcast from the White House about North Korea by asking what he was looking at over the reporter's shoulder.

"Before we go, behind the White House over your shoulder," Smith said. "We see this shot all the time...what is that?" Smith asked.

"Shep, it appears to be a very large chicken display," replied reporter Josh Lederman.

"A what? Seriously?" said Smith.

"I'm looking at the same images you are over my shoulder," Lederman said. "I don't have a lot of information to give you except that chicken is not normally present at that location behind the White House."

Smith asked if it was in a secure area or an area open to protesters and Lederman said it appears to be in the ellipse, which would be an area where protesters were allowed, but under heavy surveillance.

"Well," Smith said, "chicken on the lawn."

The New York Daily News said that the Trump-coiffed chicken is a 23-foot replica of the Chinese inflatable chicken used to kick off the year of the rooster and has been adopted as a mascot for protesters who believe President Donald Trump is too "chicken" to release his tax returns.

Watch the video, embedded below: