'State news crossed with a school announcement': Seth Meyer's mocks Kayleigh McEnany's Trump News gig
Seth Meyers -- screengrab

Late Night host Seth Meyers dumped all over President Donald Trump's low-production value Trump News posted on the president's Facebook page which -- according to host Kayleigh McEnany -- exists to bring Americans the "real news."

"Trump has spent the last week claiming that the economy that he says was stagnant under Obama is suddenly roaring now that he is president," Meyers explained. "To get this message out, his team has started posting so-called 'real news' videos talking about the administration's accomplishments."

Meyers then shared a series of clips where McEnany boasted about how successful Trump has been as president.

“God," Meyers smirked. "That was like state news crossed with a school announcement

“‘It’s pizza day in the cafeteria, but you won’t hear that from the failing New York Times!’” Meyers said mimicking the former CNN commentator.

Watch the video below via YouTube: