A Fox News contributor shamed her fellow panelists on Thursday during a discussion about Russia's efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election.

During the panel, former Trump Hispanic Advisory Council member Steve Cortes tried to downplay the impact that Russia had on the presidential election and said that it was being overblown by Democrats as an excuse for their loss.

"I would say this, it is irrefutable that Russia tried to meddle in our election, it's irrefutable that many nations tried to meddle in our election," he said. "I think what the president takes issue with, and I take issue with, is the constant refrain from the left that our election was hacked. It was not hacked. Votes were not changed."

However, panelist Marie Harf called out Cortes' arguments by saying it was dangerous to downplay just how serious the Russian government's efforts to undermine American democracy have become.

"We've never seen anyone meddle in an election to the extent and the level that Russia did, and Democrats and Republicans should agree that's a bad thing," she said. "No other country has ever done that. When you equate it to something else, it's like you're diminishing the severity."

When panelist Abby Huntsman interrupted Harf to point out that the U.S. also meddles in other countries' elections, Harf quickly returned fire.

"That's Putin's talking point," she shot back.

Watch the video below.